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Decisions that help save money

You will not always need to start over, but repairs that seem not important, are always welcome and necessary since most of the time there are imperceptible breaks caused by natural movements of the earth, time and even poor drainage. . If not addressed and corrected, these foundation and main wall breaks can result in additional additional costs and, in many cases, pose a risk to your structure. At Almax Construction, we pay attention to these little details and recommend repairing cracks with either a strap, epoxy injection, or a pad known as shoring, making your home a safer home.

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100% Committed

When we carry out various jobs for our clients, we always focus on offering the highest quality, satisfaction and guarantee that it is a job very well done, because we do it thinking that it is our home, so we always redouble our efforts to guarantee our work

Change the style

We know that at any time you want to make a change to change and improve the physical aspect of the home, therefore, we take care of the hard work for you.

We do kitchen, bathroom, floor remodeling.

We are always willing to get the best out of your home

High quality

We know that you always want the best for your home, which is why we offer a wide range of comprehensive concrete solutions for construction. Our solutions improve the performance of works, according to the specific projects of our construction clients, such as: infrastructure project developments, housing developments, pavements, industrial works, vertical construction developments and small constructions.

Modern regardless of space

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. When building or renovating it, think about creating an efficient space that allows you to move freely, have everything in the right place and within reach so that when you prepare your favorite foods a more enjoyable, faster and more fun experience.

A kitchen that adapts to your style is essential to create the ideal space for you, which is why Almaxconstruction provides solutions regardless of the size of the kitchen.

Comfortable and elegant

We all know that the bathroom is one of the most important places in our house, it is the place where we carry out all our personal care rituals. So it is important to pay more attention to it and make it look nice and comfortable. If you want something more comfortable and modern, at Almaxconstruction you can be inspired to find the ideal decoration and products to renovate your bathroom.

Fantastic flats

We know that sometimes the floors of the home can be very slippery, dirty quickly or even abused to the point of detachment.

Worry no more, Almaxconstruction we give you easy, fast and efficient solutions. Without any commitment, see the quality of our works in the gallery.

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For many years of experience in the real estate industry, ALMAX Construction has become one of the most preferred foundation contractors throughout Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and the nearby areas. In addition to being the outstanding foundation contractor in Los Angeles, we provide a variety of home improvement services such as housing developments, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, floor renovation, and more– all of which are delivered using the correct, latest, and most acceptable housing methods. Whether you need a home improvement in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills or you need a commercial construction for your office space in Los Angeles, your best foundation contractors in Long Beach, LA, and Beverly Hills will provide you with impeccable home improvement work that will not only fit your budget, but will also increase the value of your home. Do you need the ‘best foundation repair near me’ or the ‘most trusted commercial constructions near me’? We’ve got you covered in no time! 


Exceptional Home Services

Your home isn’t just your nest, it’s one of your biggest financial investments! Ideally, you will make the kinds of improvements to your home so that you get to enjoy it while you live in it. With whatever home improvement you need in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area, bathroom repair or floor renovation, Almax Construction will be more than happy to be part of it. It is inevitable that there will be imperceptible breaks caused by natural movements of the earth, time, and even poor drainage; and if not addressed, these foundation and main wall breaks can result in additional costs or pose risk to your structure. With our best foundation contractors in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and nearby areas, we pay attention to these little details and recommend repairing cracks with either a strap, epoxy injection, or a pad known as shoring, making your home a safer one. Definitely the best ‘foundation repair near me’ and ‘trusted commercial construction near me’, right?


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Pursuing Solutions, not Problems

Our commitment as the best foundation contractor in the Long Beach and nearby areas is to be able to operate effectively, ethically, and with full transparency at all times while doing all our home improvement services in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area. Aside from the fact that we offer 100% satisfaction to our customers with our commercial construction services in Los Angeles, we never tire of coming up with new ways of successfully accomplishing home repairs and improvements. From tiling installations to concrete repairs, we’ll always work fast to achieve the home you TRULY deserve. So if you need the ‘best commercial construction company near me’ or the ‘most trusted foundation repair near me’, worry no more! We’ve got the best foundation contractors located in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills! 



Find out how our clients are satisfied with our services

Home Improvement Los Angles

Mario García

—Yard service

Home Improvement Los Angles

Ulises Santillan

—Bathroom service

Home Improvement Los Angles

Andrea Cruz

—Kitchen service

Home Improvement Los Angles

My patio was chaotic, there was always a lot of dust or even mud in rainy seasons, but Almax managed to solve it by creating a firm and high-quality floor.

Mario García

— Yard service

Over time my bathroom began to look ugly, so they recommended Almax to give my bathroom a better image and thanks to Almax it looks very modern and shiny

Ulises Santillan

— Bathroom service

I thought I didn’t have enough space for my kitchen, but Almax achieves the impossible, I was very surprised by the result.

Andrea Cruz

— Kitchen service

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