Making your home a pleasant and safe place is a priority. It can even be fun to put up creative and ingenious barriers that make your home insurmountable for thieves and intruders.

In today’s article I explain some security tips (tricks that work) to prevent theft at home.

If someone thinks that they can get their hands on your belongings, then they are very wrong!

1. Take advantage of the garden as a barrier for intruders

If you have a house, you will agree with me that a garden always makes the house more beautiful. Why not turn the garden into a retaining barrier behind the walls? You could plant roses or other flowers or thorny bushes that limit the initiatives to jump the adjoining walls.

You get beauty and protection in a natural product. Because the way out of putting glass or wires is also effective but somewhat unsightly.

2. Store valuable items in unusual places

In general, thieves tend to go straight to the master’s bedroom in search of treasure. His ritual to rob you begins by looking under the mattress, inside the closets and dressers. Therefore, you can now start moving what you have valuable in those places.

3. Buy a safe

The safe must be in a hidden place and that only you and your partner know. Keep children and older adults in the home away from this information. You should put important objects and documents in it: your insurance contracts, passports and original birth certificates, jewelry, hard drives with videos and photos of the family, documents related to your investments, retirement, wills and other valuable documents legal.

The good thing about having a safe is that these goods are always available. If you keep them in a safe deposit box at the bank, although it is true that they have quality surveillance for two hours, you only have access to your belongings during business hours.

4. Hide the alarm at the entrance of the home

If you have an alarm system installed when you enter the house, do not put the device visible at the entrance. In this way, you make it easier for a thief to know if the alarm is activated or not.

Alarm devices and internal security cameras, if you have them, must be hidden or masked. You can put it behind a mirror, behind a painting, as part of a piece of art or with some kind of camouflage, etc.

Ask for help in this regard from the company that provides the security service. They can give you recommendations on how to make it unnoticeable.

5. Car keys can save you

Keep your car keys on the nightstand when you go to sleep. If you feel a noise at home, and your car is inside the garage, you can activate the alarms and this noise is likely to drive away the intruder.

On the other hand, more than once it has happened that the thieves fill the victim’s vehicle with their belongings. They then leisurely ride out of the garage in the stolen car. We’re not interested in making life easy for criminals, right?

6. Take action when going on vacation

We have already written an article with security measures for when you go on vacation. Of these, one of the most important is repeated here. Have someone pick up your mail daily or temporarily suspend any subscriptions you have. Another option is to redirect them to the house of your parents or trusted friends…

If you’re proactive, you’ll probably enjoy doing your homework ahead of time; however, we recommend that, for example, you fill your car with suitcases or other utensils that you take on a trip just before leaving. Do not do it the night before because you are making a call to criminals.

They could take the car or mount surveillance to see when you leave and break into your home on the days you are absent.

Burglars know that home security decreases during the holidays.

Another aspect that will help you is to lower the volume of your phone when you are not there. A phone that rings continuously for several days is a green signal for thieves.