First of all, to know exactly how to build your home, the location is necessary, that is, the land where the home will be built is important.


You must take into account the type of land as well as the types of services you need (water, electricity, etc.). Once we understand the terrain and the location, let’s see what the fundamental steps are

Every construction has its phases and an order

First of all, I am going to talk to you from my experience and my own case.

Everything takes a process and an order, since in this way a very good work and quality is guaranteed, for them one small step at a time.

Phase 1: Acquire a piece of land

Buying the land is the first step in building a house. The land we choose will have much more importance than we think when building our future home. And not only because it will define its possible extension or distribution: it will also determine its orientation, and that will affect its insulation and air conditioning, among other things. On the other hand, the location of the plot is what will make the legislation apply various regulations, something that can undoubtedly limit the design, the height, the use of certain materials, etc. The advice of technicians and architects to know the topographical and geotechnical constraints is essential in this first step.

 Phase 2: Design the project

Another of the first steps to build a house. The architect will carry out the project defining all aspects in detail. Previously, it is convenient to meet with him to, first, indicate what our needs are (number of rooms, organization of the areas of the house, etc.) and, second, tell him about our aesthetic preferences. It is common for architects to make several designs and for the client to choose the one that best suits what he is looking for.

Phase 3: Obtain the licenses

It is completely impossible to talk about the steps to build a house without mentioning obtaining licenses. Building permits are granted by the Town Councils after the approval and validation of the municipal architect and the technical managers of the municipality in question. By obtaining the building permit, we can subsequently request the necessary resources to carry out the work, for example, space to place a container on public roads, permission for the passage of machinery, etc.

Phase 4: Have the financing

Although in this list of the steps to follow to build a house from scratch we have added financing in fourth place, this point must be in our heads from the beginning of the project. And it is that, with some exceptions, generally the construction of a new home is carried out with the help of banks. However, it will not be until we have a project approved by an architect and the municipal building license when we can carry out the signing of the mortgage with our bank. Therefore, we can deliver the documentation in advance, but we will not obtain final approval.

Phase 5: Build the house

The steps to build a house associated with this particular point are:

Construction of the skeleton of the house.
Complete plumbing, electrical and HVAC installation (electrical and plumbing contractors must bring in your cables and pipes and interior walls, ceilings and/or floors).

Sewer lines, vents and water supply.
Insulation installation.
Interior and exterior finishes (baseboards, doors, windows, balustrades, etc.)

Phase 6: Obtain the certificates

This process is prior to obtaining the End of Work. Normally, and since some milestones and delivery deadlines have been set during construction, it is common for an expert to process the corresponding certifications for what has already been built. In this way, with the end of the work, all the legal and technical permits can be obtained without problems.

Phase 7: End of the work

The ‘End of work’ certificate will allow us to register the home in the cadastre. With both in hand, we can now go to the Town Hall to request the First Occupation License and, once obtained, request registration for water, electricity, gas, etc. services.

Building your own home is a long road full of obstacles, but it is also very rewarding. We hope that this list of the steps to build a house from scratch has been useful to you. If you have any questions about it, contact us. At almaxconstruction we are specialized in the rehabilitation and construction of buildings of all kinds. We have a multidisciplinary team, so we can cover your project comprehensively and with guarantees. Ask us for a budget without commitment!