The kitchen is one of the spaces in which we spend the most time and for this reason we often think about how to renovate or remodel it. The key is to know what type of change you are looking for, so you will be clear about what modifications must be made and what materials you will need.
Therefore, there are a series of questions that you should ask yourself so that the results are as expected and you do not fall into cost overruns, wasting time and money.


The ceramic floor is one of the most applied finishes in the kitchen. It is a floor that is made by clays combined with other types of natural materials.
It is characterized by being very resistant to moisture and supports up to certain blows or drops of objectives.


  • You should sweep or vacuum the entire surface of the floor.
    To give it shine, we recommend mopping the surface with a mixture of water and vinegar, the results will surprise you.
  • Once you have mopped the floor with water and vinegar, you have to rinse it with clean water and let it dry. Finally, you should pass a dry cloth or mop to give the last touch, which will give it an extra shine.
  • To clean the joints of the tiles, you can prepare a mixture of water with baking soda, and rub them with the help of a toothbrush. Once well rubbed, rinse them with clean water to remove the remains of baking soda.
  • Space: Imagine how you want it, a single space, small, wide, with many compartments.
    It is one of the basic questions to remodel the kitchen, if in your daily experience with your current kitchen the constant is that you need more space, this should be the initial guideline for the new design.


The best colors for the kitchen, which never fail, are white and neutral colors such as beige or grey. These will help you if your kitchen is small and needs lighting.

Good lighting is important in any kitchen, whether natural or artificial, in order to ensure that the entire area is covered, a good design must be balanced between intense lighting for the food preparation area and warm lighting for the cooking area. service.

How does a modern kitchen with a center island work?

A kitchen with a central island is one of the favorite and most sought-after designs when you want to remodel this space.
Colors should be balanced with all kitchen furniture.

You can build a bar or island in the middle of the kitchen, or add hanging lamps with modern designs.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to remodel your kitchen and home with a new modern and functional style. At Almaxconstruction we are experts on the subject, we offer you materials and options so that you can choose the ideal materials.