Kitchen floors are one of the most exposed in your home, therefore, your choice should be in accordance with some variables that will make life easier, such as resistance to moisture, temperature changes, impacts and scratches , that they are not too porous or else they will stain when splashed and that they are also washable.
Likewise, we always dream that the floor in the kitchen that gives us illusion in aesthetic terms generates comfort and functionality when using this space.


The first starting point is to identify and select the style you want for your kitchen, the answer to this question will guide you to the selection of materials and elements for your new kitchen, such as finishes for floors, walls, furniture, countertops, faucets and accessories for decoration.


  • Budget: Make a detailed budget in which you include all the necessary materials for your project, adding the value of labor and design.
  • Be creative: you can look for options, references to have a base and be able to capture and make your ideas come true.
  • Colors and textures: remember that it is a place that must transmit cleanliness, therefore think of ideal materials that are easy to clean.


Porcelain tile is also one of the most used materials.
The only difference with the ceramic floor is that it does not absorb moisture and is more resistant to shock compared to ceramic.


  • Proper cleaning should be carried out with water and a mild cleaning product, with a neutral detergent. Do not forget to rinse with plenty of clean water.
  • Never use oil-based, animal fat, or soap-based detergents or cleaners.
    To clean polished porcelain tile, use a dry mop to remove dust. It is not recommended to use any type of broom or brush, as it can damage the enamel of the tile. Then use water with neutral detergent and clean the tiles with a rag. Finish by using a clean cloth to dry the floor and restore its shine.


The stone floor is highly recommended for use in kitchens, its style is striking and very resistant.
Among its great advantages, you can find its variety in design, colors, high resistance and long duration.

It is necessary to consider concrete bases, in the event that it is required to protect the pavements against existing deformations or eventual exposure to humidity.

This material looks great on terraces and bathrooms, as well as to decorate a wall in the living room, especially if it is behind a fireplace.

Before installing the natural stone or slate floor, it is advisable to study the layout of the pavement and if certain patterns or figures are observed in the assortment.

This is ideal for making a correct combination and not seeing an alternate repetition on the pavement.